Jewelry Making Tip of the Week – January 17th – How Can I Keep My Thread From Tangling While Beading?

by Karen on January 17, 2010

Thread Heaven

Thread Heaven

Have you ever been in the middle of a beading project and your thread tangles causing you to spend more time removing a knot than it has taken you to create the whole piece? I used to have a big problem with tangling thread. One option is to cut the thread shorter but then you have to deal with adding thread in the middle of the project. Since then I have discovered Thread Heaven. All you have to so is pull the thread across the waxy substance and like magic the thread doesn’t tangle as much. If the thread still happens to tangle it is much easier to remove the knot. Apparently the way it works is that it not only coats the thread with a slippery surface but it also removes static electricity. All I know is that it has helped me and saved me a lot of time!

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