Creative Jewelry Making With Polymer Clay

by Karen on March 15, 2009


Polymer Clay Cat by Karen Ferrante

Polymer Clay Cat by Karen Ferrante

The most common materials used for making jewelry are metals, gemstones, and glass, but there are many other options for making creative jewelry. One such material that has become very popular over the last several years is polymer clay. Originally used to mold figures such as the cat pictured here,  polymer clay is very different from modeling or pottery clay. It is created from PVC plastic and a type of plasticizer chemical that keeps the clay moldable and soft until it baked in the oven into its final shape.

I love working with polymer clay because the possibilities are endless and you only need a few basic tools to make some amazing pieces. By adding colored pigment micas, metallic sparkles, or mixing in transparent clay, you are only limited by your imagination. There are also many techniques that you can apply through blending, rolling, cutting and piecing. It is handy to have a pasta roller machine dedicated to your polymer jewelry craft to flatten the clay and to soften the clay for use. I purchased my pasta roller at a garage sale, but you can also buy one at craft or kitchen specialty stores.

Polymer Clay Brands

Polymer Clay Brands

Polymer clay jewelry is easy to make at home because it can be cured in a regular toaster oven. It is recommended that you use a dedicated toaster oven for this purpose due to fumes that are released during the curing process. The three most popular brands available in hobby or craft stores are FIMO, Premo and Sculpy. Sculpy tend to be more pliable and easier to work with, while I find FIMO and Premo to be a better choice for making faux millefiori. Another high quality brand is Kato clay but I have only been able to order this online. There are many colors to choose from including fluorescent and metallic shades such as silver or gold

For colorful, unique, low stress, and low cost  jewelry making polymer clay is a great choice. is an excellent source for information and projects. is one of the best resources that I have seen for tutorials and polymer clay jewelry making tips.

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Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor July 14, 2009 at 11:04 am

Thank you so much for you sweet Tweet about my site on Twitter yesterday! I was delighted to find you there. Your videos are excellent and I can’t wait to consume every one of them!

Polymer clay and jewelry making go hand and hand. There is some much we can learn from each other, it is exciting!

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