The Best Automatic Center Punch

by Karen on April 26, 2012

Automatic Center Punch from Harbour FreightBased upon the recommendation of Kim St. Jean I recently purchased the Automatic Center Punch with the brass handle from Harbour Freight. I must say, this is one great center punch! It’s rugged and I have found it to punch much easier than other center punches that I own. This is a must have tool on the bench not only for punching a guide hole prior to drilling but also to add unique textures to your metal pieces. You can create a very cool effect punching on the back side of your piece. The result will be dimples on the front of your piece. You can then leave as is, hammer the bumps down or add additional textures. The great news is that the Center Punch is currently on sale at Harbour Freight for only $2.99. What a great deal! Happy punching! 🙂

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