Where Can I Find Free Jewelry Making Tutorials?

by Karen on June 3, 2009

The most professional and highest quality videos usually have a cost, but for basic tutorials there are plenty or resources available on the Internet. Here are several great resources:

There is a very good selection of videos here. There are several for beginners including overviews of basic techniques such basic wire wrapping, soldering and sawing. There are also some high quality videos for sale here as well.

A great source for videos posted by both amateurs and professionals. Try typing search terms such as “How to Make Jewelry”, “Beading Techniques” or “Wire Wrapping”.

DIY Network
There are a lot of innovative tutorials posted here from the DIY Network TV shows.

Jewelry Supply
This site has a few good free tutorials.

This site has a nice community feel to it.

Wonder How To
A nice compendium of jewelry making videos collected from instructors all over the web. This site also includes videos from other large sites such as JewelrySupply and Beaducation.

Expert Village
Most of the videos posted here are good quality.

There are several lenses focused on jewelry making posted here.

Have fun!

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Wire Jewelry by WyreWorks August 21, 2009 at 8:42 pm

Great resources! I have gotten a lot of customers lately asking me to teach (which I don’t have time for) so I try to point them in the right direction of books, tutorials, etc. I had found a few of these sites previously but I really like your list.

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