What Is Green Amber?

by Karen on March 22, 2009

Green amber is a form of natural Baltic amber that has a very dark, rich green color. Amber of any color is formed from fossilized resin produced by pine trees. Most amber is between forty and sixty million years old. The green occurs when organic material from plants is trapped within the natural amber, giving it a beautiful green color. The various chemical compositions and variations on the plant materials that became covered with the thick and sticky resin provide the variations and patterns in green amber. Green amber is considered to be more valuable than the more common brown amber, but the most valuable and rarest of ambers are clear and completely transparent.

The beautiful rich colors of green amber work well with both silver and gold jewelry. Green amber (like all amber), while considered a gemstone, is one of the few gems that is actually  not a mineral. The more colored and patterned the green amber is the more the jeweler can use these patterns to work into the setting of the gem. Green amber that also contains fossilized material is very rare and very valuable. Amber is very lightweight which makes it an excellent gem for earrings. Green amber is used in making bracelets, necklaces, rings and all other forms of jewelry.  Green amber is easily cared for with simple polishing or buffing to remove the slight scratches that may occur on the surface of this soft gem.

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