How to Protect Your Metal Jewelry and Chainmaille from Plier Dents and Nicks

by Karen on November 13, 2011

Pliers have sharp edges and can deface your chainmaille, colored wire, or metal work as you create your masterpieces. There are simple steps that you can take to protect your jewelry from marring to ensure that you have the most professional looking jewelry.  Here are some options:

1) Plain old masking tape

2) Blue painters tape is even better as it comes off easily and is not as sticky leaving the residue of masking tape

3) Moleskin or Molefoam used to cushion your feet. Simply cut to fit your pliers, remove the backing paper and apply

4) Cover your wire with a scrap of fabric as you are working

5) Plasti Dip and Tool Magic are commercial products designed to be used on the handles but are also very effective for the plier jaws. Follow the instructions on the jar to apply. It takes a couple of hours to dry and can be easily removed to return your pliers to their original state.

6) Nylon jaw pliers are another alternative for forming although they are not good for detail work and can be slippery

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